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Product description

SenoRx EnCor  Breast Biopsy System


For sale- a SenoRx EnCor  Breast Biopsy System consisting of the CM3000 controller, vacuum system, foot pedal, and cart as pictured.  There is a connection on the back of the CM3000 for an electrosurgical generator, which is NOT included.  Nor does it come with any patient probes or whatever else might actually be the used with it.  So it is not a complete turnkey system.  Responsive to the controls but basically it is telling you to connect the RF device and without doing that there isn’t much testing to be done.


Untested other than as described and pictured, sold as is, and NO warranty is offered.  However, IF you pay the asking price and find it has a problem you cannot live with within 14 days of receipt you may return it.  Returns are ONLY allowed on Buy It Now Purchases.  Accepted Best Offers are strictly an as is sale, no returns allowed.  Return would be for a refund of the purchase price, not including shipping costs, which may be substantial.


Just so that we are clear on that, this is an item that has not been thoroughly tested.  As such it may work fine or it may have problems, so any purchase entails a certain degree of risk.  If you Buy It Now your risk is limited to the shipping costs both ways.  If you submit an offer you do so knowing that you cannot return it.  In either case it is up to you to decide whether the risk level is acceptable to you, and if not you need to pass on this particular item.


Ebay rules require me to state the following- The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item.  This item was formerly the property of the University of Virginia, and does not appear to have been modified in any way.


Given the condition of the system I would say that they chances are pretty good it is functional, but obviously it would need to be thoroughly checked out by a qualified technician before being placed back in service.  Please check out my other listings for more interesting lab, test, and medical equipment.  Check back often!


Sold as is, as described, as pictured.  Potential buyers are asked to please make sure you have read the listing carefully, and understand what you are buying.  Ebay’s condition codes for used items, which I am now required to select from, might imply a degree of functionality that my limited time, knowledge, and facilities do not allow me to ascertain.  If the functional condition of the item is known it will be stated as such in the listing.  Unless a warranty is specifically offered returns are not accepted regardless of any implied functionality.


Shipping will be motor freight on a pallet unless you would like to come pick it up.  I would estimate the shipping weight at around 250 pounds.  I would estimate the freight cost for that at between $150 and $350 to the east and west coast respectively.  Residential deliveries, deliveries that require liftgates, deliveries to the boonies, and deliveries to schools or universities will all be more because it takes longer for the carrier to get the job done.  Shipping will be via Old Dominion Freight Lines, which has done a consistently good job getting my shipments where they are going without roughing them up.  I will be happy to quote you for the shipment, but I need to know the zip code, residential or commercial, and whether a lift gate will be required.


If you would prefer to use another carrier that’s fine.  It will be shipping from a warehouse with a loading dock in zip code 23093, but I do not live there!  I require pickup confirmation the day before and your carrier must provide an emailed printable copy of the Bill of Lading so that there is paperwork available for the driver to sign when he gets there.  The BOL should have all the info filled out when I receive it, blank copies are unacceptable.


I can ship this to Canada via Old Dominion, but they do not offer customs brokerage services, so you would need to have your own customs broker lined up before it shipped.  And while I cannot comment on the duties, tariffs, taxes and fees that might be levied, I can say that shipping to the metro areas of eastern Canada is surprisingly affordable.


If the device being offered here requires a standard modular computer style AC cord I NO LONGER ship those automatically as most people have accumulated a box of them by now.  IF you need such an AC cord please request one when the item is purchased.